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Products Description

According to the difference of the door frame, we divide the double girder gantry crane into two categories:

  • U-Type Double Girder Gantry Crane: This type gantry crane adopts U type door frame, it consists of main parts, namely, the bridge structure, the traveling mechanism, the cart and the electric equipment.
  • A-Type Double Girder Gantry Crane: This type Gantry Crane adopts A-type door frame. The bridge is welded structure of box-type; individual drives are adopted for traveling mechanism on each end of the crane. All movements of the crane are controlled in the cabin.


  • Capacity: 2-400t
  • Span: up to 50m
  • Lifting height: up to 35m
  • Work duty: FEM 2M — FEM 4M
  • Speed: single/dual speed
  • Fully customized solutions are available ahead standard configurations.

Briefly Introduction

This crane is composed of bridge, crane traveling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism. Crane traveling mechanism adopts separate drive. All mechanisms are operated in the driver cabin. Power supply of crane adopts cable and sliding wire, select one when ordering.
It can be used for general service, such as lifting and transferring work in shops, docks and warehouse.


  • often costs less than a overhead crane
  • built to heavy duty specifications,which meet the demands of high duty cycles and multiples shift operation,as well as providing decades of reliable service for all applications
  • available in spans to 60 feet and capacities to 550 tons
  • can be used either indoors or outside

Safety Features

  • rubber buffers
  • Hooks with latch
  • Lifting height limit device
  • Emgergency stop function
  • Overload warning and limiter
  • Voltage lower protection function
  • Phase sequence protection function
  • Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion
  • Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound.
  • Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle