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Products Description

Single girder gantry crane have two shape. They are box-type and truss.

  • Box-type:Single girder gantry crane with box is widely used with standard CD MD Electric Hoist as the lifting mechanism,and the electric hoist traversing along the lower flange of the I-Steel of the main girder,which is made up of C-steel and I-steel. It is a medium-size crane which travels in track.
  • Truss crane:The structure of single girder gantry crane with truss is consist of steel truss.So it is cheaper an lighter than box-crane.When the building is inadequate to support a bridge crane,trusses is almost the best solution .


  • Capacity: 2-32t
  • Span: up to 30m
  • Lifting height: up to 20m
  • Work duty: FEM 1M — FEM 2M
  • Speed: single/dual speed
  • Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.

Application Place

Single girder gantry crane is a regular crane widely used at open ground and warehouse loading and unloading materials, It has two controlliing methods,namely ground controlling and room controlling.

  • Ports
  • Cement Pipe industry
  • Container Depots
  • Granite industry
  • Open Yard
  • Shipyards

Safety Feature

  • Weight overload protection device: If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.
  • Limit swithes: To prevent over hoisting and over lowering of hook.
  • High quality long-time bearing polyurethane materials buffer.
  • Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff.
  • Voltage lower protection function to adopt the cases that without stable voltage supply.
  • Emergency stop system: If the operation staff encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.
  • Current overload protection system and so on!